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Think Vitamin PHP

E-Books #1
Think Vitamin PHP

Think Vitamin PHP

Video: H.264 MPEG-4 AVC 1066x600 29.97fps | Audio: MPEG AAC Stereo 822kbps 44.100kHz | duration: 1.8 hrs | 620 MB

In this course, we cover developing web sites using PHP, a widely used scripting language.
Learn PHP from the basics through to advanced level using our PHP video tutorial library.
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Gemini Rue (2011/ENG).

Games #2
 Gemini Rue (2011/ENG).

Gemini Rue (2011/ENG) | 267 MB

Curious indie project with an emphasis on antiutopichno-kiberpankovoe future and stylized noir detective.Azriel One (Azriel Odin), a former ruthless killer, and now the police (perhaps unexpected change professions will clarify the game) came to the planet in order to help those like him, to leave the clutches of the last employer. Boryokudan - powerful Mafia syndicate, which dictates the rules of literally everything. And out of this - a feat at the cost of living. The second key character - far more intriguing - a young man suffering from amnesia. Waking up in hospital with the military called "Center-7, he heard only:" Your name - Delta-6. Follow the instructions and then, perhaps, you will be saved. In the case of disobedience, you lose everything. " Naturally, he's going to run. The intrigue of twists is not worse than in Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain: two characters repeatedly cross each other, and at some point the player will choose who operate in a given situation. Although, of course, the story of each hero and without interest: Azriel revenge moves much stronger than the duty to state, and Delta-6, it is possible to remember something that he himself would gladly forget. Gameplay Gemini Rue - a classic point'n'click quest, but Nurnberger Joshua (Joshua Nuernberger) - Chief skeet - tries to do everything that the player was not discouraged from boring pixel-hunting. Here have enough space action-scenes, interrogations with their fists, and even gunfire. But heroes can just wander through the locations and explore them. Gemini Rue atmosphere permeated detective, sadness, and noir. The game world is engrossed in corruption, life is not worth a penny, and people relate to disregard other people's problems.
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Midnight Club 2

Games #3
Midnight Club 2

Midnight Club 2 (PC/Eng/Rip)
English | PC | Developer: Rockstar San Diego | Publisher: Rockstar Games | 180 MB
Genre: Arcade (Cars) / Simulator (Racing) / 3D
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Photoshop Top Secret DVD 4 ENG

Software #4
Photoshop Top Secret DVD 4 ENG

Photoshop Top Secret DVD 4 ENG | 3.84 GB
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DVD X Studios CloneDVD

Software » Multimedia #5
DVD X Studios CloneDVD

DVD X Studios CloneDVD | 36.39 Mb

CloneDVD - make perfect copies of any DVD movies! CloneDVD is a flexible and easy to use DVD copy software which empowers you to clone any DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO, and DVD to movie files (AVI, ASF, iPod MP4, PSP MP4, 3GP, etc.) Without special setting, CloneDVD automatically removes all protections (CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) during the process of copying, lets you freely copy all of your DVD movie collections. DVD movie conversion, make you freely convert DVD as various multi-media files to expand your multimedia entertainment on most popular portable devices (Apple iPod, PSP, Zune, Smart Phone, etc. CloneDVD is a high-quality, user-friendly DVD copy software program. With multiple copying options, your source and/or target file can be a DVD disc, movie folder or an ISO file from your computer. This software program also has a powerful transcode engine, supporting compression of a DVD-9 movie to fit on a DVD-5 disc.
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Shank (2010/ENG/PC/RePack)

Games #6
Shank (2010/ENG/PC/RePack)

Shank (2010/ENG/PC/RePack) | 1.61 GB
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Photoshop & Poser Integration

E-Books #7
Photoshop & Poser Integration

Photoshop & Poser Integration

Genre: eLearning
Views: 0 Author: subasa07bk 23-05-2011, 21:49 Comments (0) More

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (Full)

Software #8
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (Full)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (Full)

Design, develop, and maintain standards-based websites and applications
Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5 software empowers designers and developers to build standards-based websites with confidence. Design visually or directly in code, develop pages with content management systems, and accurately test browser compatibility thanks to integration with Adobe BrowserLab, a new Adobe CS Live online service.* CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time.
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Obscure II (Intel Cider).

Games #9
Obscure II (Intel Cider).

Obscure II (Intel Cider)
Mac OS X (Intel Cider) | English | Ignition Entertainment | Hydravision | 2.57 GB
Genre: Horror Action Adventure

The sequel to Obscure takes place two years after the gruesome events of the first game. The survivors have gone on to college and try to return to their normal lives. After the discovery of a beautiful but strange plant on school campus, events take a turn for the worse. Soon, the college students have to battle for survival once again.
Players of Obscure The Aftermath can choose their character and one AI controlled sidekick. In total there are six playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. These can be switched at various points in the game. Due to the game's co-op feature, friends can join at any time to team up and attempt surviving the game together. There are many available weapons to keep the monsters that hunt you at bay. Light might be the players' biggest ally because you never know what's lurking in the shadows.
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AVID Media Composer 5.0.3

Software » Multimedia #10
AVID Media Composer 5.0.3

AVID Media Composer 5.0.3 | Mac OS | 1.34 GB

The preferred choice for top-level professionals involved in the production of film and video, and for independent producers, and for the new post-production. A great tool for creative work: support for tapeless production technologies, work with any format, multikamerny HD editing and much more. Great combination with the freedom to choose different options for systems of Avid Media Composer, which is best suited to the different projects: from an autonomous system with the software without additional hardware support to a complete hardware-software Avid Media Composer / Avid Digirtal Nonlinear Accelerator (Avid DNA) .
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Clones v1.26.

Games #11
Clones v1.26.

Clones v1.26
Language: English | PC Game | Developer: Tomkorp Computer Solutions | 418.52 Mb
Genre: Arcade, Logic

Clones is a friendly, fun, and engaging evolution to the classic Lemmings puzzle genre which includes robust internet-multiplayer with team play, different game modes, powerups, leaderboards, and a built-in level editor that was used to create the singleplayer campaign of over 150 clontastic puzzles spanning 11 CloneMaster bosses over 5 regions of the Clones Planet.
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Fate Of Hellas - RELOADED.

Games #12
Fate Of Hellas - RELOADED.

Fate of Hellas - RELOADED l English l PC l Size: 1.5 GB
Developer, Publisher: WorldForge, JoWood Productions
Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy
Protection: Securom

The RTS game Fate of Hellas combines economic development with tactical real time battles, all fully shown in 3D. In two campaigns with seven missions, each the player is able to take over control of the legendary people of Macedonia. You will fight alongside Alexander The Great and bring peace to the city states of ancient Greece. Put together an army and fight with your soldiers for wealth and peace, becoming more successful than Alexander The Great has ever been. But beware: It will not be just your enemies that will envy you!
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Virtua Tennis 3 (2007/ENG/RIP)

Games #13
 Virtua Tennis 3 (2007/ENG/RIP)

Virtua Tennis 3 (2007/ENG/RIP)
Language: English | PC | Developer: Sega AM3 R | Publisher: SEGA | 1.17 Gb
Genre: Simulator / Sport (Tennis) / 3D

Often on the tennis court seething passions envy the most intense football games. Why? The answer is simple: Tennis requires great athletes training, diligent practice and complete the calculations, and emotional stress at these conditions reaches peak heights. To see the fight going to the Champions thousands of people who are sympathetic to this or that player, so that the ground for emotions get the most favorable.

Virtua Tennis 3 - Your ticket to the court, which gathers the best tennis players of the world. Starting his career with a friendly match in which your hero confronting little-known athletes, you get a chance to break into the tennis elite and cross rackets with celebrities, whose names are known to everyone from young to old. Practice diligently, diligently prepare for the crucial matches, and your name is also flashed on the front pages of newspapers sports!
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Android Cookbook

E-Books #14
Android Cookbook

Android Cookbook by Ian F. Darwin

O'Reilly Media | 2011-12-31 | ISBN: 1449388418 | 650 pages | PDF | 8,4 MB

If you're ready to jump in and build a working Android app, this book has all of the practical recipes you need to get the job done. You'll work with the user interface, multitouch, location-aware apps, web services, device features—such as the camera, accelerometer, and GPS—and a lot more, including steps to package your app for sale in the Android Market.
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Two Worlds II - Full Rip

Games #15
Two Worlds II - Full Rip

Two Worlds II - Full Rip
Eng | Windows | ISO | 2.99 GB
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Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core

E-Books #16
Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core

Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core
English | XviD | 720x400 1567Kbps 25fps | MPEG-1 128Kbps 48KHz | 753MB
Genre: Video Training

Gear-up for absolute body reformation with two groundbreaking workouts. Ignite your metabolism and destroy hundreds of calories with Bob Harper's exclusive, cutting-edge combinations and proven techniques of activating, engaging and sustaining the core. Sculpt powerful, lean muscles, while reinventing your body from the inside out.
Whip your core to perfection by isolating and defining vital muscle groups, to abolish pounds and sharpen stamina. Pit your body's strength against its own endurance at maximum levels, commanding an on-going metabolic surge, and annihilating fat calories long after completing your workout. Extraordinary physiques are built on rock-solid cores, so rise to the challenge and prevail with a fit, toned and powerful body.
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Droid X: The Missing Manual

E-Books #17
Droid X: The Missing Manual

Droid X: The Missing Manual by Preston Gralla

Pog ue P ress | 2011 | ISBN: 1449393861 | 384 pages | PDF | 66 MB

Get the most from your Droid X right away with this entertaining Missing Manual. Veteran tech author Preston Gralla offers a guided tour of every feature, with lots of expert tips and tricks along the way. You'll learn how to use calling and texting features, take and share photos, enjoy streaming music and video, and much more.
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Rally Poland

Games #18

Rally Poland-PROPHET (2010 Polish)

Rally Poland-PROPHET (2010/Polish)
Language: Polish | PC | Developer: Red Dot Games | Publisher: IQ Publishing | 388 MB

Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
The magistrate game of the Polish Rally, created with the participation of Polish pilots take courage and Automobile Association of Poland. Perfectly reproduces the tracks b

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DigitalDesire. Lexi Bloom

E-Books » Magazine #19
DigitalDesire. Lexi Bloom
DigitalDesire. Lexi Bloom
1280X720 HDV WMV Format Video. Length 09:58 min. Size 234.81 MB
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Arcon v6.5 - 3D (5.2010).

Software #20
Arcon v6.5 - 3D (5.2010).

Arcon v6.5 - 3D (5.2010) | 360MB

The first thing that strikes one in ArCon - high detail, without exception objects. For example, a wash basin in the program really like his prototype of an advertising brochure, rather than roughly squared treated with a certain design, vaguely reminiscent of the crane, which distinguishes the application from the same FloorPlan 3D or 3D Home Architect. There is a pleasant discovery and in the interface. In fact, we work in three modes: two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design (where you'll paint the walls, lay floors and arrange furniture), and another 3D-preview mode, allows you to evaluate how it will look completed project from the side. Well, a rich library of clip art, ergonomic interface and solid tools give you the opportunity to create exactly the house, which you have always dreamed of.
Views: 0 Author: nhammen 18-11-2010, 17:01 Comments (0) More

Ableton Live 8.1.4

Software #21
Ableton Live 8.1.4

Ableton Live 8.1.4 | 586MB

Ableton Live is about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, production, remixing and live performance. Live's nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible performance options, make it a unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers. If you'd rather be "making music" than just "using music software," Ableton Live is for you. Live 8, the latest version, includes a wealth of new techniques and improvements with a new groove engine, revamped warping, live looping, new effects, crossfades in the Arrangement View and a reworked MIDI editor.
Views: 0 Author: marry 30-09-2011, 12:18 Comments (0) More

Magicka 2011

Games #22
Magicka 2011

2011 | ENG and MULTI | 975 MB & 378 MB

Magicka - action adventure game that takes place in a fantasy world based on Norse mythology. You and the other three players will play the role of magicians of the sacred orders and stop the evil dark wizard, sowing in the world of chaos and destruction. For the massacre of his minions at your disposal is a set of spells that you can mix thanks to a unique magic system.
Views: 0 Author: tanya-j 26-01-2011, 14:06 Comments (0) More

BurnAware 3.0.2 Pro Multilang

Software #23

Windows Software | BurnAware | 6.09 MB

BurnAware is the bring into use disc burning software. The BurnAware Free application was designed for users through basic disc burning needs as backup, creating data, audio, video discs and flaming disc images. Free, easy to set up and maintain, it enables you to lay up your files to disc quickly, provides more flexible interface to hel

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Fable III - WiLLeRz2 (2011)

Games #24
Fable III - WiLLeRz2 (2011)
Fable III - WiLLeRz2 (2011)
Year: 2011 | Developer: Lionhead Studios | Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | PC | English | ISO | 7.55 GB
Genre: Role-Playing

Its a Revolution! Fable III is the next blockbuster installment in the highly praised Fable franchise. Five decades have passed since Fable II, and Albion has matured into an industrial revolution. However, the fate of the kingdom is at peril. Lead a revolution to take control of Albion, fight alongside your people, and experience love and loss while defending the kingdom against a looming threat. Your choices as ruler will lead to consequences felt across the entire land. Who will you become? A rebel without a cause, the tyrant you rebelled against, or the greatest ruler to ever live?
Views: 0 Author: boeingbimbim 4-06-2011, 00:04 Comments (0) More

Britney's Dance Beat.

Games #25
Britney's Dance Beat.

Britney's Dance Beat
PC game | Genre: Rhythm / Dancing | 365 MB

What does a pop superstar do once she's taken over the music world, become a corporate spokesperson, and starred in a feature film? You guessed it: Britney Spears has her very own video game. The teen diva needs some backup dancers for her upcoming world tour, and you just might be the person she's looking for. Tap your fingers to the rhythm of hot Spears singles like "Oops, I Did It Again," "Baby One More Time," and "Slave 4U," trying to prove your worth and unlock some hidden bonuses.
Views: 0 Author: boeingbimbim 5-12-2010, 19:22 Comments (0) More