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The Zune Pocket Guide

E-Books #1
The Zune Pocket Guide

The Zune Pocket Guide by Bart G. Farkas

Publisher: Peachpit | 2006 | ISBN 0321489802 | PDF | 192 pages | 14 MB

Here is your essential companion to the Zune player and software. The Zune Pocket Guide steers you through how to
* Import songs into the Zune software, assemble playlists, and burn CDs.
* Browse Zune Marketplace to explore musical recommendations and discover and purchase songs.
* Import and view photos and videos on the Zune player.
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YouTube Music Downloader 3.8.6

Software » Multimedia #2
YouTube Music Downloader 3.8.6

YouTube Music Downloader 3.8.6 | 3.6 Mb

An easy-to-use Windows software to download YouTube music videos and convert them to MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP formats. You can download millions of music from YouTube and listen them on your iPod, MP3 Player or watch them on your PC, iPod, iPhone. Unlimited download 6,000,000+ music from YouTube, get started now.
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Fastream IQ Proxy Server 3.4.2R

Software #3

Fastream IQ Proxy Server 3.4.2R | 5.52 MB

Robust and careless forward/reverse proxy server solution for Windows. Featuring the most scalable server instrument with up to 20,000 simultaneous connections for both filtering and caching peace proxy and securing and accelerating reverse proxy. Secure & Accelerate Web Servers with IQ Reverse Proxy! Share & Filter Home/Office Internet Connec

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FlashFXP 4.2.4 Build 1785 Final

Software » System Tools #4
FlashFXP 4.2.4 Build 1785 Final

FlashFXP 4.2.4 Build 1785 Final | 3.78 Mb

FlashFXP is a FTP client for Windows, which offers the easiest and fastest way to transfer any file between your local computer and a server on the Internet, or even directly between two servers using Site to Site transfers. Available in over 20 languages. FlashFXP offer security, performance, and reliability that you can always count on to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Use FlashFXP to publish and maintain your website, Upload and download documents, photos, videos, music and more, Share your files with your friends and co-workers, or even use it to download other shareware! There are many, many features available in FlashFXP.
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ArtAcademy - Beginning to Draw

E-Books #5

ArtAcademy - Beginning to Draw
English | Videos + eBook | XviD 720x480 | MP3 160 Kbps | 2.27 GB

Contrary to popular myth, most artists are not born with the innate ability or ingenuity to draw. Even those that do seem to possess some mystical cleverness to draw what they see before them without formal art discipline training have generally been drawing for years,

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Roxio Creator Business 10

Software #6
Roxio Creator Business 10

Roxio Creator Business 10 | Windows OS | 1.62GB (FS-FSn)

Roxio Sonic DVD with Roxio Creator Business 10 Easily produce impressive multi-media projects .
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Apple iLife 11 2011.

Software #7
Apple iLife 11 2011.

Apple iLife 11 2011 | 2.88 GB
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WebSite X5 Evolution

Software » Graphics & Design #8
WebSite X5 Evolution

WebSite X5 Evolution | 200.67 MB

WebSite X5 is an all-in-one solution packed with tools to create and publish professional websites, online shops and blogs in just 5 easy steps. WebSite X5 is designed to work like a wizard, visually guiding users through the steps to create and publish a complete, functional and professional website. No programming skills required! WebSite X5 s templates design the page - all users need to do is drag and drop objects to create pages. With a selection of website objects to choose from including videos (with support for YouTube), image galleries, integrated e-commerce with partners such as PayPal, podcast and RSS content, plus video and Shockwave Flash animations - creating a professional website could not be easier.
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Les Mills: BodyCombat 45

E-Books #9
Les Mills: BodyCombat 45

Les Mills: BodyCombat 45
XVID | English | 688x384 | AVI | 25 fps 1218 kbps | MP3 128 kbps | 679 MB
Genre: eLearning

At the heart of Body Combat technique are several types of martial arts - such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, Tai Chi and Taekwon-Do. This explosive mixture is put into ten music tracks lined up one after the other with alternating power and aerobic exercise.
Hard lesson format includes the work of all the muscles of the body and requires a 100 percent return, both physical and emotional level. In the course of employment is such an extraordinary burst of energy and emotion that by the end of the participants of the battle "is absolutely not sufficient strength.
But the result - there is. You can immediately after your workout to get up on the scales - and it becomes all clear! During the hour fitness battle burns huge amounts of calories. Also strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves flexibility and posture. And most importantly - its confidence in their abilities.
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J.River Media Center 15.0.118 Final Multilanguage

Software » Multimedia #10
J.River Media Center 15.0.118 Final Multilanguage

J.River Media Center 15.0.118 Final Multilanguage | 17.16 MB

J. River Media Center - a powerful media center that combines work with music, videos and photos. Plays most popular audio and video formats, including MP3, audio CD (supports CDDB) and DVD, can convert CD-audio tracks to WAV, MP3, copying to the hard drive vinyl discs and tapes (removing the interference and noise), as well as create Audio-CD, and for all these functions, the program has many customizable options.
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Learn The Basics Of LINQ (.FLV)

E-Books #11
Learn The Basics Of LINQ (.FLV)

Learn The Basics Of LINQ (.FLV)

FLV | 1000x600 | 25fps 320kbps | mp3 128kbps | 960MB

Genre : Video Tranining
Views: 0 Author: subasa07bk 22-04-2011, 09:45 Comments (0) More

Dungeon Siege 3 ENG RIP by KaOs

Games #12
Dungeon Siege 3 ENG RIP by KaOs

Dungeon Siege 3 ENG RIP by KaOs | 1.87 GB
Genre : Action (RPG/Adventure)/3D | Developer : Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher : Square Enix | Platform : PC | Publication Type : RIP

The famous series of role playing games DUNGEON SIEGE, loved by millions of fans of the genre, finds long awaited sequel.Development of the third part of the game was given to the studio Obsidian Entertainment creators of spectacular fantasy universes Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, and controlled the process creator and mastermind Chris Taylor series ...
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Mercedes-Benz Wld Racing

Games #13
Mercedes-Benz Wld Racing

Mercedes-Benz Wld Racing
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Hulu Downloader

Software #14

Hulu Downloader | 7 Mb

Hulu Downloader enables you to download videos from Hulu.com and convert Flash video (.flv) files.
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Ad0be Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 9.3.4 (2010/English/Deutsch/Francais/Rus)

Software #15

Ad0be Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 9.3.4 (2010/English/Deutsch/Francais/Rus)

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 9.3.4 (2010/English/Deutsch/Francais/Rus) | 1.65 GB
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Photodex ProShow Pack 2010 (New Update)

Software #16

Photodex ProShow Pack 2010 (New Update)

Photodex ProShow Pack 2010 |594 MB
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Katy Perry Feat Snoop Dogg California Gurls DVDRiP x264 2010 mV4U

Music #17

Katy Perry Feat Snoop Dogg California Gurls DVDRiP x264 2010 mV4U

2. Category: Music Videos
3. Release Date: 08/03/10
4. Video Format: x264
5. Size: 59 MB
6. Language: English
7. Audio Format: MP3

Additional Info: Why am I posting this in successi~ the front page you ask? Because she has FANTASTIC breasts. (and I be possible to’t remember my login for

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Apple ilife 2O11 (MacOs)

Software #18
Apple ilife 2O11 (MacOs)

Apple ilife 2O11 (MacOs)

This is the iLife '11 DVD, just got the DVD and converted it as a DMG image file using Disk Utility.
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Sacred: Gold Edition v2.28 (2005/RUS/ENG/Repack by R.G.Games)

Games #19

Sacred: Gold Edition v2.28 (2005/RUS/ENG/Repack through R.G.Games) 
Year: 2005 | Language: English / Russian| PC | Developer: Ascaron Entertainment | Publisher: Encore Software / Akella |  MB
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / Isometricn

  The most complete collection of games of the mysterious kingdom of Ankara! Worthy follower to the brilliant "Diablo"

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25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP)

Games #20
25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP)

25 To Life (2006/MULTI2/RIP)
Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer : Avalanche Software | Publisher : Eidos Interactive | 522 Mb
Genre : Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

Here, only the fastest, most audacious, the most desperate may withdraw from the bout victorious. Multifaceted storyline reveals the dramatic story of three characters, the player will have an opportunity to go on different "sides of the fence" - as champions of law and its opponents.

From the graphs 25 to Life should not expect to conquer the new shader-pixel heights, as the project is being developed with an eye on the console and so ... Well, in short, you understand, right? Nevertheless, available at the moment the screenshots look quite nice. Sound effects and musical accompaniment, according to developers, will deliver players a lot of good minutes, with only one subject, or rather a note: "only for fans of hip-hop."
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Paris Dakar Rally 2001 ENG RIP by ToeD | 888 MB

Games #21

Paris Dakar Rally 2001 ENG RIP ~ dint of. ToeD | 888 MB
Genre: Simulator (Racing/Cars)/3D | Developer: Broadsword Interactive | Platform: PC
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment | Lang: English

This is not racing about, it s not a dull demonstration of new technologies. This is not a quality at all. This - RALLY! Paris-Dakar Rally, the most famous automot

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Magic DVD Creator

Software » Multimedia #22
Magic DVD Creator

Magic DVD Creator | 53.7 MB

Magic DVD Creator is a professional and easy-to-use application that creates your favorite DVD files directly. With it, you may transcode and burn Internet movie files into DVD disc, and you can easily merge up to four hours of multiple movies or episodic files to standard MPEG2 video and burn it into a DVD/RW disc that playable on a car or home DVD player. Magic DVD Creator helps you to burn with AVI, WMV and other video formats. Additionally its DVD burning completely compatible with either PAL or NTSC mode. Just drag the converted file into your favorite DVD burning application, and burn it to DVD. Magic DVD Creator provides you with the answer to your DVD-authoring needs. Far from being a simple DVD burner, it has become the 'hit' software for thousands of movie lovers because of its strong ability to burn without the hassle found in so many other software packages. It is easy-in-use, only in 4 steps to burn DVDs.
Views: 0 Author: boeingbimbim 10-12-2010, 08:59 Comments (0) More

Aiseesoft iPad Converter Suite 5.0.20

Software #23

Aiseesoft iPad Converter Suite 5.0.20 | 19.71 MB

If you are a super iPad use a ~ upon, Aiseesoft iPad Converter Suite is definitely your best choice. This software burden integrates three useful software, including Aiseesoft DVD to iPad Converter software (iPad DVD software), iPad Video Converter software, and iPad Transfer software. All these three kinds of software are large assista

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Corel Video Studio Pro X3 v13.6.2.36

Software #24

Corel Video Studio Pro X3 v13.6.2.36 + Keygen | 642MB
Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 v13.6.2.36 Final - Multilingual
Release be reckoned VideoStudio Pro X3 v13.6.2.36: 14/6/2010

Incl. New keygen ~ means of AGAiN (+ keygen CORE) - Working 100%
Keygen note:
Cracker....: AGAiN Size keygen: 16 kB*
Supplier...: AGAiN Size setup.: 642 MB

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Video Booth Pro

Software #25
Video Booth Pro
Video Booth Pro | 17 MB

Take fun photo snapshots and video clips easily with your webcam using Video Booth. Add built-in smart effects to your photos and videos to make them fantastic and magnify the fun of sharing with friends as you can upload your works to website or YouTube directly.
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